I am so grateful to some of my clients who have been kind enough to share their reflections after our coaching sessions together .....

"I'm always one to think that I can "sort it out myself", as I don't really like confronting issues and struggle exposing aspects of my life to others. I had decided that I needed to get some help but could not accept the fact that I needed to start a rigid set of counselling sessions, particularly if they were in an intimidating environment.

I had heard that Clare offered relaxed,walking coaching sessions and this totally appealed to me as I thought we probably would just "tickle the surface" of any issues I may have (or get away with it !). How wrong I was ! Clare correctly read the situation immediately. The distraction of the walk and Clare's positive and insightful questions quickly pinpointed the pertinent issues and uncovered coping strategies that I had not even considered. 

I immediately put these into action and what a difference it made. Clare is smart, approachable, clearly passionate and capable in what she does. She is able to help look at things in a different way and help me see things from a different perspective helping me to put positive actions and strategies into action in the way I approach personal and business scenarios. Highly recommended."


     D. S. F.  business owner  


  "Clare was very easy to talk to and I did not feel any of the awkwardness I had expected to feel talking about myself. I had become a bit overwhelmed by my lack of direction and Clare guided me through some thought processes which allowed me to see more clearly those aspects of my life which were most important to me . Through our sessions, I started to perceive aspects of my life in a different way and became more positive and empowered                                                    over my choices to take the next steps in my life."                                               


 K.B. Guildford


"I had been trying to figure out what shape the next phase of my life is going to take and so when I met with Clare recently, I was lacking in confidence and in a state of inertia, unable to move ahead. By encouraging me to put a voice to an idea of where I'd like to be, Clare was able to help me to outline some initial steps towards positive change in our very first coaching session. It was uplifting to start to make a plan and put aside some of my self - made obstacles. It's a collaborative relationship - I have to take the steps and do the work, but having Clare's supportive guidance helps me along the way. Thank you Clare."


  J.P.  Putney 


" Life's pathways can turn into a bit of a maze and you need someone to help you navigate the paths that contain your personal blocks and see over the high walls. Clare is creative, resourceful and intellectual who uses tools like the Balance of Life Wheel to help you work to identify bite size solutions and distill action plans with simple steps and timings. It's fascinating how together you can identify what you want to change and how easy it is to get there wil professional help."


   M.S.  Gomshall


"My sessions with Clare really helped me to gain greater insight into some specific areas of my life that I felt stuck within. With her gentle and warm guidance, Clare was able to help me clarify how a few changes could help me to see the bigger picture and the "wood for the trees" and take some positive steps to help me move towards achieving some long held goals. I can highly recommend Clare's coaching." 


  K.B   Leatherhead