So what exactly is cognitive behavioural coaching?

When I get asked that question, I think the following words encapsulate the process perfectly:

Short Term  |  Focused on the here and now  |  Goal and solution orientated  |  Challenging  |  Holistic  |  Intuitive

Practical  |  Interactive  |  Insightful  |  Accountability  |  Empowering

An effective coaching relationship is a collaborative, non judgemental, thought-provoking and creative one where the coach facilitates a coachee’s self discovery, inspiring the coachee to maximise their personal and professional potential and helping them to manage change in their lives.

Put simply, if you imagine a ship setting sail, you will determine the ship’s course and eventual destination. I will help you plot that ship’s specific course which will involve me asking many questions to ensure that I have a full understanding of what you want to achieve and to enable me to fully support you to ensure that the ship continues to make good steady progress in the right direction. The starting point may just be to get a clearer idea about which direction to head in. You may have a particular goal in mind. If so, I will support you to become clearer about how to move that way in small measurable steps. I will help you to manage and deal with any challenges or hurdles (or should I say storms or rough seas) you may face on the way and how to navigate them whilst keeping yourself motivated and on track.

It is a unique professional relationship where I will explore with you ways for you to live your life more fully with meaning and purpose. The coaching process is about the “here and now” and not the past. Our coaching relationship would be grounded in the pursuit of a richer, more meaningful life for you based on your deepest values.

You are considered as the expert on you and that you hold all the answers. When you engage in the coaching process, you are designing your life consciously and with greater purpose and personal accountability.