flexible coaching options


We will start with a no obligation complimentary 30 minute coaching call (via phone or Skype). This is a perfect opportunity for us both to get a feel for whether we will be a good fit for one another.

My approach to coaching is very flexible to ensure that the all coaching sessions are uniquely tailored to you. You will direct every session and my responsibility will be to facilitate each session through focused questions that will help you to gain clarity and greater insight into what is holding you back, challenge your negative beliefs and evaluations, reframe, set goals and move forward. 

 I often get asked how many sessions I think will be necessary to be  achieve optimal results. This very much depends on the specific challenge or problem facing you . Generally speaking, I find that 

between 4 and 6 sessions is optimal. However, sometimes, a particular challenge may require a longer coaching session.

After our initial coaching session, at each subsequent session, we will discuss the progress made with the homework that was set at the end of the last session, as this often sets the course for the next session.

stress and anxiety . career change . performance anxiety (public speaking etc.) . building resilience . confidence . assertiveness .  exam stress . teen coaching 18+ . work/life balance .


What should I expect?

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It is important to appreciate that my role is not to offer answers to your difficulties or challenges, but rather to facilitate the process of guided discovery for you. All the learning will come from and through you. In order to effect sustainable change, you need to come to each session prepared to gently challenge yourself and believe that emotional and behavioural change is possible.


I offer coaching sessions face to face via Zoom, Skype or phone. Many of my clients find "walk and talk" coaching sessions very effective and empowering.  

 For face to face coaching sessions, I see my clients at Brighter Spaces in Guildford  (www.brighterspacesuk.com), or at my home in East Horsley ( 6 miles from Guildford ). 

  You hold all the answers